The Documentary

The Passage to Pusan Documentary follows author Louise Evans as she retraces the footsteps of her grand mother Thelma Healy on her epic Passage to Pusan to South Korea.

It was produced by the Korean Culture Centre Australia with assistance from the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation.

The Documentary was filmed in Sandgate, Brisbane, Sydney and South Korea by Executive Producer Sinyoung An, Australian Director David (Dongseok) Park and a crew from Arirang World, South Korea’s English-language broadcaster.

Its world premiere was the highlight of the annual Korean Film Festival in Australia and screened in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra.

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The Passage to Pusan Documentary was also screened in 190 countries via Arirang TV’s global network partners.

One war tore them apart
One journey reunited them

One war tore them apart
One journey reunited them

The Sydney Institute Review

"Louise Evans captures the tenor of the decades that matured Australia, an Australia where war and hard times went hand-in-hand with a plucky determination to endure, even prosper"

Australian War Memorial

"Passage to Pusan fills a vacuum in our understanding of life experiences that were duplicated in many families across Australia during this volatile period of our history"